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Nano Towels are revolutionary fabric technology that cleans with only water, allowing users to get rid of expensive paper towels and toxic cleaners.


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Tests conducted by their producers suggest that one nanoTOWEL® “permanent paper towel”® can replace up 80 regular cotton towels!
Nano Towels utilize nanolon fabric technology, allowing them to clean effectively with only water and replace expensive paper towels and toxic cleaning chemicals.

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What are Nano Towels ?

Nano Towels are a breakthrough fabric technology that cleans with only water, specially designed to give optimum cleaning. It's a one-time purchase that can help you save hundreds by removing long-term costs from your budget.

Revolutionary fabric technology

Nano Towels are made with Nanolon Fiber, a revolutionary fabric technology developed by Nanolon Technologies. This advanced nanofiber material is hundreds of times finer than a human hair and transports liquid away from surfaces faster and more effectively than traditional cloths or paper towels.

It works on virtually any surface without damaging it, making it ideal for wiping away dirt, smudges, stains and other messes while creating minimal waste. Compared to chemical cleaners or regular towels, the Nano Towel's cutting-edge design allows users to clean with just water – so you won't have to buy expensive toxic chemicals or use up roll after roll of paper towels ever again! Additionally, thanks to its superior absorbency and ability to retain large quantities of liquid within each thread strand due not only safe but incredibly cost effective compared to traditional cleaning supplies.

Plus its antibacterial properties ensure that your home remains hygienic remain free from germs - perfect for maintaining ultimate hygiene in households with children and pets alike.

Only uses water to clean

Nano Towels are designed to revolutionize the way we clean. The fabric uses a combination of nanotechnology and microfiber technology that allows them to effectively clean any surface with just water.

This means you can get rid of paper towels, toxic cleaners, and other expensive cleaning supplies and opt for Nano Towels instead. Not only will this save you hundreds of dollars per year while making your home safer, but it also helps contribute to a healthier environment — without troubling yourself with tracking down environmentally friendly products.

Unlike most cleaning products, when using Nano Towels there is no need for dangerous chemicals or abrasive scrubbers— they remove dirt, grime and grease from surfaces in a simple swipe-and-go action.

Replaces expensive paper towels and toxic cleaners

Nano Towels are revolutionary fabric technology that cleans and dries surfaces with only water. Unlike most standard paper towels, Nano Towels require no chemical cleaners for use and can save hundreds of dollars per year while making your home much safer.

The unique design of the nanofiber cloth enables it to clean effectively means you don’t need to worry about buying expensive cleaning chemicals or using a lot of paper towels ever again!

By eliminating the need for toxic chemical cleaners, Nano Towels provide significant health benefits as there is no chance of any hazardous materials coming into contact with users or loved ones - making them an essential part of any house-hold's cleaning efforts.

Even tough to clean surfaces like stainless steel can be easily cleaned with NanoTowel without needing extra scrubbing or pesticides – leading to cleaner results every time. Not only do they help in reducing costs from paper towel usage but also eliminates waste water pollution and landfill disposal problems from disposable paper products saving both money and environment out of simple force of habit.

Environmentally friendly and chemical-free

Nano Towels are revolutionizing the way we clean our homes by offering an eco-friendly and chemical-free option to replace traditional paper towels and toxic cleaners. These amazing cleaning cloths employ revolutionary Nanolon Fiber technology, a next-generation fabric that enables them to clean surfaces with nothing more than water - eliminating the need for expensive paper towels, wasteful disposables, or dangerous chemical solutions.

And because they can be reused over 1,000 times while still giving you powerful cleaning results time after time without risk of scratching delicate surfaces like your glass cooktop range, Nano Towels offer significant cost savings compared to disposable alternatives and help reduce waste going into landfills.

Furthermore, Nano Towels don't require any harsh chemicals so your home is safer for both you and your family - all it takes is a little water. It is no wonder these innovative cleaners have become bestsellers - their unique blend of environmental benefits along with superior performance will make a difference in how you keep things clean at home!

Health and safety benefits

Nano Towels are a revolutionary cleaning fabric that eliminates the need for toxic chemical cleaners in household cleaning. Nano towels use cutting-edge fabric technology and replace traditional paper towels, providing significant health benefits as they contain no toxic chemicals or hazardous substances.

Using Nano Towels allows you to clean effectively without any worry of exposing yourself or your family to dangerous toxins which can cause respiratory problems, cancer, and other ailments.

Chemicals contained in common household cleaning products have been linked with various adverse effects such as skin irritation, headaches and nausea when used frequently over time.

By using eco-friendly nano towels instead of conventional cleaners made with harmful ingredients you can avoid these risks while at the same time ensuring efficient results from your cleansing routine.

Theses unique cloths also provide an effective solution for individuals who have sensitivities to harsh chemicals found in most commercial cleaners – enabling them to benefit from an all-natural product free of irritating additives.


How do I use the Nano Towels?

Using Nano Towels is easy. Simply wet it with water, and use it to clean and dry virtually any surface without paper towels. They're probably the most versatile cleaning cloths you can find, perfect for bathrooms and kitchen or even tough to clean surfaces like stainless steel.

Using Nano Towels is straightforward, easy to use, and could potentially revolutionize your cleaning routine. Here's how to go about it:

Dampen the Towel: Wet your Nano Towel with tap water. The towel utilizes the unique properties of its revolutionary fabric technology, which cleans with only water, removing the need for harmful chemical cleaners.

Wipe the Surface: Whether you're cleaning glass, stainless steel, or any other surface, the Nano Towel will work its magic. Your glass will come out looking streak-free and spotless. This makes it as good as, if not better than, your favorite cleaning tools, like the microfiber cloth or the traditional paper towel.

Rinse and Repeat: After cleaning a surface, rinse the towel under running water. Waste water might contain residues from the cleaning, but the Nano Towel is designed to release the dirt upon rinsing, leaving it fresh for the next use.

Other Uses: Apart from cleaning surfaces, the Nano Towel can be used for various other tasks. For example, you could use it to dust your furniture, clean your car, or even as a bath towel. Its nano green technology ensures that it's the safest and most cost-effective solution for virtually any cleaning job.

Recycling and Disposal: One of the best things about the Nano Towel is that it's reusable, meaning you'll be using one less roll of paper towels, thus contributing to a greener environment. When the towel has finally worn out after many uses, you don't just throw them away. Instead, look for recycling programs in your area that accept worn-out fabric products. Compared to traditional paper towels, which often end up in landfills even when recycled, this is a far more eco-friendly option.

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Top 10 Benefits of Using Nano Towels

  • The science behind Nano Towels allows for optimum cleaning with nothing but water.
  • Nano Towels are designed using breakthrough fabric technology that cleans with only water®.
  • These cleaning cloths are probably the most versatile cleaning instrument ever invented.
  • They can be used on virtually any surface without the need for paper towels.
  • They are effective even on tough-to-clean surfaces such as stainless steel.
  • Using Nano Towels replaces the need for toxic chemicals or cleaning solutions.
  • They work as well as your favorite cleaning methods.
  • Nano Towels are a cost-effective cleaning method, saving you hundreds.
  • With Nano Towels, you can completely eliminate your paper towel usage.
  • Using Nano Towels is an environmentally friendly choice, reducing waste and conserving water.

Nano Towels Customer Reviews

Bryndon Preston
A Verified Customer
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ These really work, and they are much better than the microfiber towels I have.

"I really love these towels. I have a big glass sliding door in my living room. I've tried all kinds of different way to clean them. I've used a window washing kit like the pros use. It works fine but I must change the water at least once to clean all the glass. I saw the ads for the Nano Towels, and thought, why not try it. I have a natural window cleaner from Shaklee (my friend gave it to me to try and it works well), but you must be able to do a dry wipe after you spray and wipe of the moisture. I've tried regular microfiber towels, but they just don't do a good job with glass.

I decided to give the nano towel a try. Bam! It worked So Well! I took all 4 towels out with me and thought I'd use one towel per side, per pane of glass. I didn't need to do that. Two towels did the whole sliding door on Both sides! The glass was caked with mud and dirt and the Nano Towel wiped it all away. No streaks, no residual smudges at all, just clean clear windows. My wife even noticed when she came home. Next is to try these on my Rubbermaid mop. I have always used warm water to mop my floors, but I usually use the pads that go with the mop. I like them because they can be washed and dried and used over and over again.

I'll update my review after I do the mop experiment and let you know how it goes. I'm optimistic based on what I saw from the glass cleaning adventure. It really was the easiest time I've ever had cleaning my windows."

Amanda P.
Verified Customer
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Buy them. Seriously. They work.

"I totally admit that I bought these on a whim and was fully expecting them to be completely underwhelming. I got them Sunday and hadn’t opened them. Then my dad surprised me and said that he was staying with me for the weekend — insert panicked face. So I figured I would give these a shot. I truly wish I had taken before photos, because these things took off stains and dirt that I thought was just part of my appliances. Cabinets, windows, mirrors, sinks, wooden tables, countertops, you name it. Not to mention it didn’t leave my mirrors or windows streaky like everything else does. The fact that these can clean as well as they do without anything more than water is amazing to me, but there’s no doubt that they work. I even texted my sister and told her she has to buy them."

Tips for Maximizing the Use of Nano Towels

  • When using Nano Towels, here are some tips to help you maximize their effectiveness:
  • 1. Consider long-term costs
  • Using Nano Towels can save you money in the long run. Instead of constantly buying paper towels or cleaning chemicals, invest in Nano Towels which can be used repeatedly.
  • 2. Keep mirrors clean and streak-free
  • Nano Towels are perfect for cleaning mirrors without streaks. Simply dampen the towel with water and wipe the mirror for a sparkling clean result.
  • 3. Use in bathrooms and kitchen
  • Nano Towels are great for cleaning surfaces in your bathroom and kitchen. They can effortlessly remove dirt, grime, and stains from countertops, sinks, and other surfaces.
  • 4. Break out of the advertising trap
  • Big corporations bombard us with advertising, making us believe that we need toxic chemical cleaners. Challenge the norm and switch to Nano Towels for a healthier and greener cleaning solution.
  • 5. Try Nano Towels for other purposes
  • Don't limit the use of Nano Towels to just cleaning. They can be used for dusting, wiping down surfaces, or even as a towel for your boat or RV.
  • 6. Embrace a greener lifestyle
  • We've been conditioned to think that using paper towels is the only way to clean. Nano Towels offer a more sustainable and eco-friendly alternative. Give them a try and reduce your paper waste.
  • By implementing these tips, you can make the most out of your Nano Towels and enjoy their cost-effective, environmentally friendly cleaning benefits.

FAQs: Nano Towels


Can I clean my skin with Nano Towels?
Yes, you can use Nano Towels for cleaning your skin. Its revolutionary fabric technology is gentle enough for personal care, ensuring your skin stays clean and healthy.


What makes Nano Towels different from paper towels and other cleaning materials?
Unlike regular paper towels and chemicals, Nano Towels are not only easier and more convenient but are also healthier and greener. They can replace up to 80 less roll of paper towels, helping you cut down on waste.


Can Nano Towels clean and streak-free?
Absolutely! Even with a one-time purchase of the Nano Towels, you can keep your glass, mirrors clean and free of toothpaste. They work as good, if not better, than traditional methods.


How much do Nano Towels cost?
The price may vary, but the cost savings of using Nano Towels over the course of a year can run several hundred dollars. This is in contrast to paper towels, which can cost about 3 per roll, or certain cleaning products that are 5 per bottle.


Can I use Nano Towels for dusting?
Yes, you can use them for dusting. Nano Towels can clean and dry virtually any surface, making them a perfect option for cleaning your home, boat, or RV.


Is the Nano Towel safe to use in your bathroom?
Yes, the Nano Towel is safe to use in your bathroom, kitchen, or any part of your house. It's designed to make your home safer by eliminating the need for toxic chemical cleaners.


Are Nano Towels environmentally friendly?
Yes, Nano Towels promote a greener environment by reducing the need for paper towels. While some paper is recycled, a significant amount is not, which is why using reusable Nano Towels is an excellent alternative.


Are big corporations influencing our cleaning habits?
It's not uncommon for corporations to bombard us with advertising and influence our purchasing decisions. But it doesn't mean chemicals are the only way to clean. Try the Nano Towels and break away from the harmful lifestyles that become routine out of simple force of habit.

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